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Trade Unions in the Community: Values, Issues, Shared Interests and Alliances

Edited by: Donna Buttigieg (Monash University), Sandra Cockfield (Monash University), Richard Cooney (Monash University), Marjorie Jerrard (Monash University) and Al Rainnie (University of Leicester)

There was a time when studies of unions were prominent in industrial relations scholarship, along with studies of industrial conflict and methods of dispute resolution. At that time, the lament was more that researchers paid insufficient attention to management and employer organisations. This was the 1970s and early 1980s and in Australia, at least half of the workforce was unionised. In the present epoch the situation is reversed: at a time when union density has declined dramatically in most western nations, studies of unions are less prevalent but more necessary. Hence the attraction of this collection of essays organised around the theme of unions in the community.


The discussion and analysis in this book is distinguished by the fact that it pays substantial attention to the issue of union organising and its relation to union involvement in community issues, but correctly regards union involvement in communities as variegated and changing. Accordingly, this book is an important contribution to the national and international literature on unions in the community.

Julian Teicher (Monash University)



Unions in the Community: Towards Community Unionism?

     Marjorie Jerrard, Richard Cooney, Donna Buttigieg, Sandra Cockfield, Al Rainnie

Hard Questions Facing Australian Labour

     Leigh Hubbard  

What Use are Union Values? An Analysis of the ACTU’s Statement of Union Values and the Role of Values for Unions

     Rosaria Burchielli

The ‘National Interest’ and Foreign Direct Investment: The Australian Trade Union Perspective

     Paul Kalfadellis

‘Head, Heart, Feet’: Teaching and Learning in the Union Classroom

     Cathy Brigden

The Union Learning Representative: Challenges and Opportunities

     Bert Clough

Mobilisation Theory and its Application in Two Wage Campaigns

     Donna M Buttigieg, Stephen Deery, Roderick Iverson

Protecting the Individual, the Profession and the Quality of Health Services: Union Growth in Nursing

     Timothy Bartram, Pauline Stanton and Raymond Harbridge

Variations in Union-Community Coalitions: A Look at Union Engagement in NSW

     Amanda Tattersall

Community Activists, Coalitions, and Unionism

     David Peetz, Barbara Pocock

A Community Basis for Regional Peak Unionism: The Historical Role of the South Coast Labour Council  

     Ray Markey, Shirley Nixon

An Epidemic of Community, Union and Government Induced Reform? Mapping the ‘Tipping Point’ for Ethical Governance of Home-based Apparel Work in NSW, Australia

     Elissa Sutherland

New Strategies to Organise Homeworkers in Informal Employment: Notes from the Field

     Annie Delaney

Building Alliances to Protect Jobs: The AMIEU’s Response to Live Animal Export

     Marjorie A. Jerrard  

Building Community Support for Union Campaigns

     Sandra Cockfield and Miria Lazaris

Traditional and Instrumental Union and Community Links: A Case Study of an ETU Campaign

      Wes Hayes, Marjorie Jerrard


National Library of Australia Cataloguing-in-Publication data:
Trade unions in the community: values, issues, shared interests and alliances. 


     ISBN  978-1-920889-14-2 (paper back)

     ISBN  978-1-920889-15-9 (hardcover) 

   1. Labor movement - Australia. 

   2. Australia – Social conditions. 

   3. Australia – Economic conditions.  I. Buttigieg, Donna M. 



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