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Knowledge Management Integrated

Edited by: Yoosuf Cader (Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Knowledge management is practiced globally in most organisations, but in some of these organisations the practice is limited to isolated functional units. What is important is to ensure the practice of knowledge management takes place in all the functional units of an organisation wherever this is possible. Moreover, the knowledge management practiced in all the functional units of the organisation should be coordinated and integrated, thereby promoting congruence where the force of the 'whole' is greater than the force of the 'disparate' functional units.

This book addresses new research issues, theories and concepts in Knowledge Management. It contains twelve chapters on knowledge management describing scholarly research on issues related to Knowledge Management integrated with other disciplines. 

Integration of Knowledge Assets for Organizational Productivity

     Yoosuf Cader

Knowledge Management in Internationalizing Service Firms

     D. Deo Sharma, James E. Sallis

Assessing and Managing Knowledge Assets for Company Value Creation

     Giovanni Schiuma, Daniela Carlucci

Around Knowledge Management Construct: Intangible Assets as a Key Driver on Value Creation Process

     Ilidio T. Lopes

Valuation of Intellectual Capital

     Sanjoy Bose

Knowledge, Learning and Innovation: the Quest for a Competitive Edge

     Aurelie Bechina Arntzen

Identifying Companies with High Intellectual Capital

     Osama El Temtamy, Kamal Abouzeid

Knowledge Management in Small and Medium Enterprises

     Gita A Kumta

Knowledge-Based Marketing

     Yoosuf Cader

Knowledge Management: the Measurement Debate

     Yusra Mouzughi

Social Capital as Key for Exploration and Exploitation of Knowledge - Case of an Internationalizing Biotech-SME

     Angelika G. Lofgren, Daniel Tolstoy, D Deo Sharma, Jukka Hohenthal

Knowledge Management in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries: a Study on the Alignment between KM and Business Strategy

     Jaflah AlAmmary and Chun Che Fung

National Library of Australia Cataloguing-in-Publication data:
Knowledge Management Integrated: concepts and practice

    Includes index

  ISBN 978-1-920889-12-8 (paper back)

  ISBN 978-1-920889-13-5 (hard cover)

    1. Knowledge Management. I. Cader, Yoosuf. II. Title.



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